Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Building B301 Office Build-Out, Pasadena, CA

Development One produced bridging documents for a project to convert an existing ground floor parking garage in building B301 into an office occupancy.

The bridging documents will be used to bid and award a design/build contract to complete implementation. JPL

Tasks for this project included:

  • Site survey of existing conditions and review of as-built drawings
  • Schematic design for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical equipment and systems
  • Assessment of existing infrastructure and proposed upgrades to support the new facility
  • Design parameters to include a minimum LEED certification of Silver, and all CAL Green requirements
  • Code analysis of proposed type of construction, occupancies, fire separations, and yard, exterior wall, and opening protection requirements
  • Analysis of Energy Management System requirements, as well as hazardous materials abatement

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