Change Order Prevention Seminar

At Development One, we are experts in quality control and the prevention of change orders. Change orders are easily the biggest obstacle to the successful completion of a project. In fact, when measuring our own success, we take the philosophy that we are only as good as our last change order.

IMG_7902In fact, we feel so strongly about the prevention of change orders that we created our annual Change Order Prevention Seminar (C.O.P.S.). We are pleased to offer free seminar attendance to all of our current sub-consultants and clients. In fact, our sub-consultants are required to attend the seminar in order to work on Development One projects. This approach has shown measurable results, and has been a key factor in building our reputation for delivering projects that are on time, under budget, and nearly devoid of change orders.

For a recap of our most recent Change Order Prevention Seminar, please click here.

For information about attending next year’s Change Order Prevention Seminar, please send an inquiry using the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website.