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Aircraft Hangar Renovations, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB, CA

The renovation of an active hangar at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Palmdale, CA involved the design of sophisticated laboratory spaces, maintenance shops, support areas, office space and conference rooms. Each project required specialized mechanical and fire protection design solutions, as well as extensive coordination between the technical requirements of the client and the safety requirements of the local building authorities.

The primary project within the hangar involved the design of a mirror coating facility to accommodate the relocation of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) from the NASA Ames Research Center. The new single-story metal building contained laboratory-type rooms with 99.97% efficient HEPA air filtration, custom and specialized equipment for the mirror coating process, and a three-axis bridge crane with precision controls. Of significant concern regarding this project was code analysis and design for high hazard area separation from the main structure.

Another significant project was the renovation of 2,300 square feet of shop space to create the Aircraft Life Support Facility. The design included an oxygen systems laboratory room, which required specialized gas plumbing, fire protection, and explosion-proof electrical fixtures. The space also housed a flotation device servicing area, office space, laundry room and restrooms.

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