The Flying Architect

Development One, Inc. has a unique advantage when it comes to travel – our private aircraft  is used to provide services at project sites anywhere in the southwest U.S. quickly and efficiently. Should a project require immediate attention for any reason, our Principal Architect is able to arrive on location in a fraction of the time it would take traveling by car, with no cost impact to the project.

Firm principal J. Bruce Camino has earned the nickname of “The Flying Architect” through his practice of flying to and from project sites. Development One’s rapid response time via aircraft has been instrumental in the firm’s ability to provide rapid service to remote project sites.

Additionally, our private aircraft is used for various philanthropic purposes. We have supported the charitable missions of the Flying Samaritans and the Flying Doctors of Mercy by transporting doctors and medical supplies to remote areas in Mexico. We have also used the aircraft to assist with humanitarian missions throughout the state of Alaska.