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Welcome to Development One Architecture!

Development One is an architecture and project management firm based in Orange County, California. For over 25 years, the firm has used a winning combination of innovation, artistry, and attention to detail to serve a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. Development One has a diverse design portfolio that includes projects such as office buildings, courtrooms, aviation and aerospace facilities, I.T. centers, and laboratories.


Architect Career – One Amazing Secret to True Success

The key to a great architect career is being passionate about what you do. What you are specializing in – your niche. You need to identify that early on.

In this short video, Development One firm principal J. Bruce Camino discusses how he discovered his passion the design of “mission critical facilities.”


Working for sophisticated clients like NASA and JPL requires a visionary approach to architecture. At Development One, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to help our clients accomplish their goals.

In this clip, firm principal J. Bruce Camino, AKA “The Flying Architect,” discusses Development One’s “possibility thinking” mentality.


Looking for a purpose driven career in architecture? Development One currently has a career opportunity for a Project Manager.

For more information about a career in architecture at Development One, Click Here.