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    City f Fullerton
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    Fullerton Airport, Fullerton, CA
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Fullerton Airport is Development One’s unofficial “Air Operations Center.” The airport is also one of the busier municipal airports in California, given its proximity to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, the beach, and other Orange County attractions. Located just three miles from Development One, the airport is the ideal location for the firm’s company plane to be hangared. This proximity allows the firm the unique advantage of a project team being able to leave the office, head to the airport, and be on the ground at NASA AFRC in less than an hour.


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Development One’s familiarity with the airport has been a key factor in completing multiple projects at the airport. In 2014, the firm completed a series of much need upgrades to the existing terminal building, bringing various items up to current code and providing a more appealing, comfortable environment for airport staff and visitors alike. Development One has also worked with a number of airport tenants, including Wings Cafe, and the California Highway Patrol. Most recently, the firm completed the design of a new terminal building addition, and is also currently in the design phase of a building renovations project for an Airport Flight Center.