Architecture Studio Environment Needs To Be Authentic

Architecture Studio Then And Now

An architecture studio is definitely an important space that affects the design process. As designers, we need to be able to be in a creative space.

A space that is going to give us the environment needed so we can focus on our designs, but also make it comfortable. We spend a lot of time in this architecture studio. Today, design studios are very different than what they used to be back in the day with the drafting tables. Back then drafting tables occupied a lot of space. Also, the lighting was important because you did not have screens and computers. Today we use computers. Everything is being dominated by computers. Unfortunately, the drafting table and hand drawing is almost a lost art. The traditional architects still do it. But, we are being driven by finances in many ways to be able to have more profitable projects. Also, the demands that we have from the client to get it done also puts a strain on it.

So we have a lot of strains and a lot of situations which drive the type of studio that we have. We still have to be able to remain creative, but at the same time productive in the architecture studio. A collaborative space is most suitable for a design studio. The collaborative space allows other architects to communicate in a group setting. When you are in that type of space, you are able to feed off of each other to come up with a design. Sometimes a collaborative space can be noisy and distracting. So, there needs to be a balance with the activities that are happening there. There has to be respect for other people’s space and noise levels so they can be productive.

The Environment of the Studio

Without a doubt the spectrum of architecture studios is broad. The styles and the way people operate are very different. There is no perfect way or wrong way that a studio should operate. But we’re always looking for a space that will be able to inspire its occupants and allow them to be productive. Also, to be able to enjoy the space for the amount of time that they spend there. There are some architects that will have lounges for their employees. There are some others that will have break rooms so the architects can have some quiet time to be able to recharge. Those are steps in the right direction. With the advent of Google and Apple and their campuses, they have people becoming aware of their own spaces. They are trying to emulate some of the things that some of those companies are doing. Again, they’re not perfect for everybody.

architecture studio

In a design environment, we’re always thinking about what our space can do to be better for employees. Our space is more of a collaborative space. That is what works for us to be able to communicate, dialogue, and make everybody feel comfortable. Sometimes people have a hard time being near other people. For us, it’s important the people that come work at Development One fit into our business culture. This ensures we will get along and work well together. It is important, and that is where we start.

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