What is Architecture? Defined by an Industry Expert

What is Architecture?

What is architecture? Architecture is when art and engineering come together in the design of a building. Of course, there is more complexity to that definition but that is the most simple way to describe it.

I’m a career architect. Educated in the design of buildings, and understanding how a building comes together. So, I can put all the pieces together when it comes to architecture. That is a traditional definition and function of an architect in architecture.

Misuse of the Term

Today, a lot of people have tried to take over the word of architecture to define their own careers. You will see it in IT, in the design of computers and software, they call themselves architects. The traditional architecture practice does not accept those definitions. It gives the wrong message about what they do. In fact, the word architecture is only available to those licensed as an architect. Individuals educated and credentialed and licensed to be an architect. Otherwise, you can’t call yourself an architect.

what is architecture

Also, you can’t use the word architecture or architectural. It is against the law. Is it enforced? Many people call themselves architects that are not architects, or that are in the industry of IT. And there’s nobody stopping them. They’ve used that as a credential to be able to call themselves something that is misleading.

Architecture in the Future

I am an architect and have paid my dues. I have received the education, training, credentials, and license to become an architect. So, the word and the definition should stay in that realm.

We’ll always need architects. We’ll always need people who design buildings and bring them all together. Might the definition change? It might, but as architects, we will be in demand. We will always have a place in the design of buildings.

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