Architect Career – One Amazing Secret to True Success

The key to a great architect career is being passionate about what you do. What you are specializing in – your niche. You need to identify that early on.

Finding My Architect Career Passion

I began my career at the University of Washington. There were a tremendous amount of opportunities. My Master’s thesis was the design of an airport terminal. Little did I know it was going to set the tone for the rest of my architect career.

Networking to Success

I got involved with The American Institute of Architects at a very young age in school. That opened up a wealth of connections and knowledge. I met people that were already doing what I wanted to do in my architect career.

The Horizon

NASA Building at Night - a results of my architect careerThe future of architecture is fantastic. We’re going to have to translate what we do on Earth into designing facilities on other planets. I know that that sounds somewhat out-of-the-box… well, it is! We are living a life of being out-of-the-box. I see our future in the design of creative, innovative facilities, in areas other than here on Earth.

With Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and other ventures going to outer space, there’s opportunity in an architect career.

Mission-Critical Facilities

The keystone for every architect career is being passionate about the work. When I started, my passion was mission-critical facilities. That’s what I am still passionate about. More so today than when I started. That is what makes being an architect special for me.

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