What Does an Architect Do? The Honest Answer.

What Does an Architect Do?

When asked, “what does an architect do?” I answer that I found purpose in my profession by influencing the built environment.

Checklists – Connecting Architecture and Aviation

I’m one of those guys that’s bought into checklists. And understanding the importance of having checklists. Not only in aviation but in the profession of architecture.

Like I do in the cockpit, I also use checklists here at work. Before I leave, I take a look at the checklist that I created in the morning and I see what I got accomplished.

What does an architect do? To start, my activities in design affect every person that occupies the building. Not for one day, but for the number of times that they use it. And there will be many people using the building. So, I have that responsibility to be able to affect people through the built environment.

Checklists allow me to cut the simple stuff so I can focus on what’s important. Here at Development One, the first thing that I do is rank the tasks that need to be able to get out that day.

Agile Project Management in Architecture

What Does an Architect DoTaking it a step further, we use an Agile project management system. We get together for 10 or 15 minutes to review our tasks for the day with the design team. We also review what we have accomplished, and what is still outstanding. Through this system, we are able to face the crisis before the crisis.

Development One Architects are Purpose Driven and Visionary

Being purpose-driven is important to being an architect. Being a visionary is important. What does an architect do? Of course, we love drawing pretty pictures, but that’s not what defines us.

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