Top Tips to Get Hired at the Best Architecture Jobs

Architecture Jobs at Development One

A perfect fit for the architecture jobs here at Development One is a person who embraces our core values.

Development One’s Core Values

  • Mission Driven
  • Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • Visionary
  • Quality Accountability
  • Purpose Driven

We spend so much time here. It’s important that candidates seek purpose. That is the type of culture we create.

Architecture Jobs are More Than Pretty Pictures

Architecture Jobs at Development OneThere are many clients that think that architecture jobs mean drawing pretty pictures. That’s not what we do. We are visionaries, we are designers who think outside the box, we are idea people, we are story people.

Purpose Driven Architecture Jobs

We did a small project for a holding cell for a prison that involved the retrofit of a toilet facility. What we did made a difference to the incarcerated personnel that occupied the space. Why? Because a toilet may be the only thing that separates that space from humanity.

These lessons translate to the big facilities that we design. Architecture jobs for NASA, Aerospace, and the federal government.

In the grand scheme of what NASA does we’re a tiny speck of their operations. They are dependent on our facilities so they can conduct critical activities. Like the support of the Space Station, for example. In the days of the space shuttle, our architecture jobs helped them support the shuttle while it was up in space.

Development One’s Legacy

Our architecture jobs are critical and meaningful. This has set the legacy in my profession.

You have to have a purpose in what you design and that brings meaning to the profession. If we are not helping you find purpose, then we are not creating meaningful jobs. We’re hoping that you can make a career here, and the only way to do that is to be able to find purpose.

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