What Does It Really Take to Run a Thriving Architecture Firm?

Architectural Services Need Your Skills

Architectural services are a necessity for everybody. When I decided to go out on my own and start Development One, I looked at what I was good at.

You need to take a look at what kind of design facilities you are good at. What kind of skill set do you have? What is it that you are passionate about? In my case, I also had an interest in aviation aerospace. I’ve had an interest in aviation since I was a little boy. So even my Master’s thesis was a design of a terminal building. I decided to gravitate toward that area and see what I could do. I focused on the design of these facilities, and I was able to grow into that line of work within my profession. This ended up dictating the path that I followed.

I design mission-critical facilities with a focus on aviation air space facilities. But, I recommend that people going out on their own, take a look at their experience and their passion. Then develop an expertise in that area. It’s very important to develop expertise. If you focus on that, it’ll make it much easier when running a business. In the design of buildings, it is a blend of art and engineering.

What We Focus On

So at Development One, we focus on architecture and project management. Project management is important. The project manager is able to manage all the disciplines required to be able to design a building. So it’s not only architecture, but some of the engineering professions play a role. At Development One, we are very specific to architecture and project management. We outsource a lot of the heavy engineering work. For example anything mechanical, electrical, structural, or civil. We work with consultants that specialize in those areas that complement our architecture.

architectural services

So with our expertise in project management, we’re able to bring the entire team together as if it was one entity. That is how Development One works in the design of buildings. What we do at Development One is to offer project management and architectural services. We have very good designers, but there are other disciplines that are complimentary. It depends on your project. Some projects may need structural engineering, some may need mechanical. While others may need civil engineering. Not all projects may need all those disciplines. So because not every project requires all those disciplines, we don’t have those in house. The engineering disciplines are the ones we don’t have in-house.

We do have architecture because that is a driving force at Development One. So architectural services and project management are the driving forces. We have complimentary teams that help in the design of buildings. They have been working with us for many, many years, and it’s almost as if they are a branch of Development One.

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