Architecture Definition and the Huge Effort You Never See

Architecture Definition

A simple architecture definition is, “The art of designing a building.” That’s what it comes down to – how a building comes together.

Anybody can say they can put together a building. But will it work?

Reality Check

Here are some things to consider:

  • Will the circulation work?
  • Will it meet the code requirements?
  • Can people use the building and be comfortable in it?

There’s are so many things to keep in mind, and there needs to be an expert to help with it. Using the medical profession as an example, can we medicate ourselves? We can, of course, but is it the best solution?

To clarify, here are some examples:

  • Can we give ourselves the right medication?
  • Can we give ourselves the right diagnosis?
  • Do we have the experience, training, and credentials to give the proper diagnosis?

A Comparison of Professions

A more basic example might be your taxes. So, can we do our own taxes? Of course, we can do our own taxes, but are we experts at doing our own taxes? Also, can we go to court without an attorney? Of course, but do you want to succeed at all these activities? If you want to succeed, you bring in an expert.

architecture definition

In architecture, you bring in an expert to design your building, but anybody can do that, or at least try it. So, a lot of people try it and fail and that is why an architect is advisable in the design of buildings. There’s always been respect for the profession. Understanding the path to becoming an architect is commendable. It’s demanding and the preparation is tremendous. Being in the field deserves respect for those that practice it. Also, for those that exercise their choice in becoming an architect. So, the architecture definition hasn’t changed very much and as I get older I appreciate it even more.

Training Requirements

We can compare architecture with other practices such as medicine, law, and accounting. You’ll see training, education, exposure, experience required. There is training to keep the profession well-rounded like there is with architecture. There is an education commitment where you’re required to have a professional degree. From internships to the license. Preparation to become licensed, taking the exam, and more. The requirements that are demanding. Like becoming a doctor or passing the bar exam to become a lawyer.

This is what forms a good professional. It’s no different in architecture. People don’t understand that and it’s unfortunate. It is commendable for those people that have become architects.

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