Gothic Architecture Examples That Spotlight the Outstanding

Gothic Architecture Defined

Gothic architecture is a style from the late middle ages composed of massive spaces. For example, high ceilings and roofs. Monumental type of spaces.

Gothic architecture emerged from the era of castles built to honor leaders. It tried to replicate those styles and honor not only their leadership but also their God. So, the buildings reach up for the heavens. It was an interesting time and you can tell that there was a lot of work that went into it.

Examples of Gothic Architecture

There are so many magnificent examples of Gothic architecture. The one that has made the news lately is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Notre-Dame is a facility made famous by the movie and play, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. When you visit the building you’ll notice the high spaces and monumental interiors. But also, the outside with gargoyles and ornamentation made that building special. Also, the engineering made it stand out. For example, its flying buttresses, columns, and its beams from the inside. Notre-Dame is a historic example. And with luck, it will withstand the times and efforts to change its magnificent style.

gothic architecture

Another example is the architecture throughout the University of Washington. Modeled after the World’s Fair, all the buildings are in the Gothic architecture style. One building I would recommend for everybody see is the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries. People joke that’s where they filmed Hogwarts for the Harry Potter movies. The building where they filmed had similar high ceilings and Gothic architecture. The Suzzallo and Allen Libraries are in the middle of campus and the space is magnificent. I’ve been there many times, not only while I was at school there. But also events there as well and every time I go by it, I’m in awe by the space that’s created on the inside.

The Reason for the Monumental Spaces

When Gothic architecture came about, it had different purposes in mind. Of course, there were different materials and different reasons for designing these buildings. The high ceilings and high monumental spaces were trying to honor the heavens. That was the message they were trying to send. There wasn’t much more going on back then. Any other distractions like we have today, you know. By that, I mean aviation, sports, events like galas and more. They did not have those activities to influence Gothic architecture.

Gothic Architecture in 2019

Religion was the influence back then and that was one way they did honor and worship their deity. Through the design of buildings, which is how Gothic architecture came about. Today, we don’t design that way. We’re more conservative and more efficient. Our reasons for design are different. That is why Gothic architecture is something of the past and historic in nature.

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