Business Architecture: Designing for Success in a Competitive World

Business Architecture Basics

Here are some things to keep in mind about business architecture. It can be funny how often you hear of the employer forgetting about the employee. They don’t realize that the employees are the core of their business.

If you don’t consider their employees and the place of work, you’re missing the boat. So, when we come in and design a business establishment, it’s important for us to speak to the user. That is the end user, which is the employee.

Oftentimes, the employer won’t let us get to the employee, but that’s who we need to talk to. That is at the core, the most important part of designing businesses and their facilities.

Design Focus: Employer or Employee?

A lot of times the employer will do whatever he wants or whatever suits him. But whatever may suit him may not be good for the employee. Over the years, dating back to World War 2, business architecture has changed from that standpoint. Back in the day, employees would do whatever the boss told them to get ahead. Well, with the new generations and with millennials, life is completely different. Employees want more.

You’ve heard about all the different movements going on. Everybody has their place in our society. So we ought to embrace it. Embrace the new generations and see what they want. We should see what they need because, in the end, that’s what’s going to make business architecture successful. Today, we consider the employee as part of the design process. This is because they are the ones that spend all this time in the business establishments. This is whether it be retail, business, or office type settings. The employees are the core of that business, and they are what will make it successful.

How We Design Business Architecture

My job as a designer is not only to design these facilities. It is also so that the boss, the employer can have lower turnover. It’s so that they are able to attract better employees. This is so they can attract talent that’s going to make an impact in their business. A lot of employers don’t go in thinking that. But, I’m able to design these facilities that aren’t only going to succeed with the day-to-day type of activities. These facilities should also make the employer successful with these goals.

business architecture

There are so many facilities out there, in all aspects of business architecture. Whether it be retail, or if it is office type settings, there are a lot of successful buildings out there. We can’t name them all, but it’s important to note that each type of business, its success depends on its employees. We need to design to the employee’s needs and we need to know what their requirements are. This is so they can succeed, and in turn, they can help the employer succeed.

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