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Aeronautical Tracking Facility, NASA, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Aeronautical Tracking FacilityDevelopment One provided aerospace design services for renovations to NASA’s Aeronautical Tracking Facility (ATF) at Armstrong Flight Research Center. This mission critical facility tracks multiple aircraft, and the International Space Station.  Additionally, the facility tracked the Space Shuttle when in operation.

The existing HVAC system and electrical distribution system at the ATF were antiquated, and in dire need of replacement.

Development One performed the following tasks to bring the facility’s systems into a state of reliable and efficient operation:

  • Relocation of the CRAC unit serving the UPS to a new area.
  • Replacement of all ductwork, distribution devices and insulation to improve air delivery and energy efficiency.
  • Removal of existing controls, and replacement with state of the art Direct Digital Controls, improving efficiency and reliability.
  • Replacement of the standby generator and UPS.
  • Replacement of existing electrical service and distribution system equipment.
  • New distribution panels and service switchboards.

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