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Facilities Support Center, NASA AFRC- LEED Platinum

The Facilities Support Center (FSC) is a LEED Platinum, state-of-the-art facility.  The FSC consolidates three departments across the NASA AFRC campus into one building. The 36,000 square foot masonry and steel-framed building includes:

  • Office space
  • Conference and meeting areas
  • Workshop, lab and warehouse space

The FSC was designed entirely using BIM. (Building Information Modeling) We created 3D visuals of the building before construction began.  As a result,  there was precise coordination of all disciplines, resulting in maximum efficiency.

The FSC was designed with a number of sustainable strategies, including:

  • A building orientation maximizing daylight while minimizing solar heat gain.
  • Photovoltaic panels supply approximately 30% of the building’s total energy use.
  • LED lighting fixtures to reduce power consumption.
  • Direct/indirect evaporative cooling to assist in cooling.
  • Use of materials high in recycled content and/or produced near the project site.
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures.
  • Grey water reclamation system.
  • Native/adaptive landscape planting.

As a result of these strategies, the FSC was able to earn a LEED Platinum rating in a harsh desert environment.  Most noteworthy, this project was designed to set the standard for new construction at NASA AFRC over the course of the 20-Year Master Plan.

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