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HVAC Upgrades, DEA Federal Building, Los Angeles, CA

Under a contract with the GSA, Development One completed designs for HVAC upgrades at the DEA Federal Building in Los Angeles. The existing HVAC system in the basement required costly annual maintenance, and did not provide adequate comfort to the building occupants. Our design called for the replacement of the existing system with two air cooled rooftop units. Development One completed this project in three phases:

Phase 1: Equipment ReplacementHVAC Upgrades

  • Installation and power routing for new 55 ton and 60 ton roof units.
  • Installation of new circuit breakers, feeder circuits, and switch boards.
  • Strategic phasing to minimize downtime (ductwork and penetrations done prior to the demolition of the existing system).
  • Installation of energy meters on all major HVAC equipment.

Phase 2: Air Distribution System

  • Replacement of existing pneumatic controls¬† with a Building Automation System (BAS). The BAS will reduce maintenance costs, allow comfort issues in the building to be solved effectively and efficiently, and the response to system loads will occur more accurately.
  • Removal and replacement of existing ductwork, piping, and VAV boxes.

Phase 3: Lighting System Energy Efficiency Upgrade

  • Retrofit of the building interior with advanced lighting system controls featuring occupancy sensors, manual local dimming, and automatic daylight dimming.
  • Performed the installation of intelligent electronic ballasts in light fixtures on the first and second floors.

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