Military Architecture: The Best of the Best

Military Architecture Basics

There are big differences between traditional architecture and military architecture. In the first place, military architecture is not focused on aesthetics. They focus more on function, safety, and also security.

The military doesn’t want to attract attention. Moreover, they don’t want to spend much money on aesthetic finishes. But they do try to make sure that the people who work there find the place habitable. And that they are not discouraged working in a military architecture installation. With that said, there are some considerations given to habitability, but it is still a military facility.

What Does the Military Do?

The military protects our country from war and attacks. They are not going to design facilities for aesthetic purposes. There also are not too many military facilities that have memorable installations. Memorable facilities with military architecture are rare. Of course, the military is not concerned about aesthetics, but there are a couple of memorable facilities here and there.

Example: Air Force Academy Chapel

The one that stands out is the chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It is the most beautiful military architecture facility in the Federal Government. If you’ve ever seen it, it has a chapel with steeples that reach out to the sky. In many ways, you can also relate them to the nose of the T38 aircraft.

Military Architecture

Being in Colorado, the Academy has an affinity with the Rocky Mountains. It is complementary to the area. Also from a military architecture perspective, it’s reaching out to the heavens. These steeples reach out to the heavens in the same way, too.

Moreover, it is a complex structure inside. It is everything from concrete to stained glass. It is one beautiful building. I would recommend that everybody go see that facility in Colorado Springs. It is open to the public.

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