Natural Ventilation is an Excellent Way of Introducing Simplified Comfort

Natural Ventilation Dissipates Allergens

Natural ventilation means exactly what the name says. It’s about bringing air from the outside into a building. Like natural daylight, natural ventilation is critical to a building.

The simplest way to let in natural ventilation is through windows. Open up the windows and bring air in. Natural ventilation does a lot more than just bring in fresh air. It also helps dissipate allergens. It helps dissipate dust.

A lot of buildings, of course, have kitchens, and stoves. Sometimes smoke and all kinds of smells can come from that. Natural ventilation will help dissipate that. Using fresh air dissipates those odors and smoke.

Natural Ventilation and Fresh Air

Natural ventilation brings fresh air into the building. We can then breathe healthier air. There’s a misconception about natural ventilation: some people think that it’s a type of cooling. It isn’t. If it is a hot day, opening up the windows means bringing in hot air. On those days it’s best to keep the windows closed.

If it’s cold, you’re going to bring in cold air. Ventilation is different than temperature control. Ventilation is the ability to exhaust the internal air by bringing in fresh air. This contributes to the well-being of the building’s occupants.

Hot Air Rises and Why That Matters

When considering design for natural ventilation, the first thing to remember is that hot air rises. Then, when hot air rises, you want to exhaust that hot air. Where’s the best place to put ventilation sources? Up high. If you have windows that can open up high, you can exhaust that hot air fast. This way, you can draw a gust of air that naturally exhausts the air within the building. Hot air rises and it exhausts through those high windows. This will then draw other air within the facility.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation needs to have a good source of air intake. This is important to keep in mind when you design a building. This means you need to consider things like where a door or windows open down below to exhaust from above.

There are so many examples that come up, but the best example that I have is the design of my home. When I designed it, I designed it with clear stories up high with windows that were operable. The windows not only exhaust the air from inside of the building, but they also bring in natural daylight. The windows bring in diffused light from the north as well as exhausting the air from inside the building. These are some of the nicest features that I’ve been able to enjoy in the last 19 years living there. I’ve been at home in a house that I designed. To this day, I still continue to enjoy it.

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