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A message from J. Bruce Camino, Principal Architect at Development One, Inc.

IMG_3312-2People regularly ask me what type of architecture I specialize in.  My answer is simply, that I specialize in the design of mission critical facilities.  The answer is often followed by; “what is that?”

Architects are often stereotyped into the same categories as designers of residential, commercial, and facilities which are common in our built environment.  However, I can trace my taste for strategic design and purpose essential facilities back to my days in college.  I thrived in the design of the important and necessary.  The desire to find solutions to design challenges in those facilities uncommon to everyday life, seemed to be an immutable characteristic of my personality.  I gravitate toward projects that include the design of mission control facilities, laboratories, aerospace, critical infrastructure, court rooms, and even IT building operations.  Some of these are not aesthetic works of art per se; but there is beauty in the details, operation, functionality, and technical performance of the facility.  It feels similar to being asked to design a space station.  Whereas I have not been asked to design a space station – yet, my approach is to design facilities as if their occupants depended on the facility to survive, like the space station.

ATFFor employment, my firm does not require experience in the design of mission critical facilities. That skill set can be taught.  However, a mission driven personality IS a requirement, as the scope of our work is not limited to design, but in flying our company plane, working with clients like NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, our quality control practices, our deadlines, and even touching down on the same runway the Space Shuttle used to call home.  We understand money is a powerful motivator when seeking new candidates for employment; however first and foremost my firm is a purpose driven firm.  We hire people who are looking for purpose, and relevance in the design of our built environment.  We hire people looking for a career, not a job, and expect our employees to embrace our legacy in the design of mission critical facilities.

My firm, Development One, Inc., has been honed by years of designing successful and important mission critical facilities, and our pedigree is reflected in our motto.  “We design the way we fly, no mistakes.”

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