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Repair Aircraft Ramps, NASA, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, CARepair Aircraft Ramps NASA

Development One completed this NASA AFRC project to rehabilitate existing concrete aircraft ramps and asphalt paved taxiway shoulders.

The project included the following elements:

  • The asphalt shoulders adjacent to the concrete paved Rogers Lake Access Taxiway had severely deteriorated because of weather conditions. This asphalt was fully removed, disposed, and replaced with concrete pavement designed to support aircraft. Paving this area with concrete allowed aircraft more area to maneuver.
  • The concrete pavement joint sealant in the aircraft ramps area on the north and south side of Building 4840 was in bad condition. First, the sealant and backer rods were removed, disposed, and replaced. Then, all spalled and cracked pavement was sawcut and routed out, then repaired.
  • New storm drain catch basins and underground storm drain piping were installed. The existing pavement in this area was removed, disposed, and replaced. In addition, the site was re-graded to drain toward the new catch basins.

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