Architectural Visualization: A Powerful Way to Show Results

Architectural Visualization Software

The architectural visualization software that we prefer is Revit, which Autodesk produces. Revit allows you to model the building in a sophisticated way. You also use it to develop construction documents and two-dimensional drawings.

Additionally, it allows you to bring in third-party architectural visualization software, like Navisworks for example. Rendering packages allow you to do so much more visually with this software. There is so much software out there, but this one is the best one. It is one of the industry standards that are in current use. It is not easy to use. You need to learn how to use it, but it is great software because it is able to do so much. It allows you to add quality to your drawings that complement your quality control program.

We Still Use Traditional Tools

We still use traditional tools for architectural visualization. Every project starts with a hand sketch. I still will draw something on a paper napkin. We’ll take those ideas and then try to develop them on trace paper. Then, we develop them further before they go into the computer. Still today, most architects start that way. It’s quicker to be able to translate the thoughts and ideas into paper. Then you are able to transpose those into the computer for further development.

Virtual reality is here and ready to go. We are not using it in the architecture business as much because it is very complex. Also, it is very time consuming, and the clients don’t want to pay for that type of architectural visualization. But the technology is there to be able to do that. If a client can afford it, being able to walk through a building fully-rendered is possible.

Architectural Visualization

We already do walkthroughs through our facilities that are three-dimensional. That’s the way we design them. And it is quite beautiful to be able to present that to a client and for them to be able to experience that firsthand. Architectural visualizations are very important in our industry. To be able to see the building firsthand and what it’s going to be like when it’s completed is very important.

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