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Ways to Conserve Water That Will Inspire You

Ways to Conserve Water in California

Living in California, from the get-go, we learn many ways to conserve water. We’re always thinking of the possibility of having a scarcity in water. So, some of the ways that we deal with it are through using native plants, which people refer to as xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping is the process of designing outdoor plants with native plants. This includes native landscaping. This process helps to conserve water. These are the lead processes in the CALGreen process. That includes codes and requirements from the state of California. These codes demand us to think from the perspective of conserving water. For instance:

  • Using plumbing fixtures that conserve water
  • Being able to recycle stormwater

Water-Efficient Facilities

We have facilities that are very very efficient in their consumption of water. But the best way to address this issue about water is to have a consciousness about how water. Also, a consciousness that shows how water is such a precious resource that we waste all the time. And to be able to have an attitude of how to conserve that water. This is very important for every architect.

Here at DevelopmentOne, you know, we’ve been thinking that way for a very long time, even before the codes existed. We thought that was the right thing: to be able to design in a way that we could conserve water. Also, there are standards like CALGreen for example. It is a rule in the state of California that presents the codes and requirements to be able to conserve water. It is the right thing. Before that, it was LEED that was at the forefront of making these requirements.

Facilities We Have Designed

We’ve designed a lot of facilities with the requirements of LEED. We have also designed facilities under the requirements of CALGreen. Now it’s not an option. Now it is a rule to be able to use that, which is a good thing. In fact, it is good for not only the state of California but also for our environment in general.

Ways to Conserve Water

There are facilities that we’ve done that we used recycled water. We do have retention ponds in some areas. We do try to conserve the water that the building captures. But it isn’t quite there 100% that it is going to be self-sustaining. There are some ideas and some thoughts in the works which are very very interesting. In some areas in Africa for example, they take advantage of being able to capture the morning dew that comes in.

Future Ways to Conserve Water

It’s amazing how much water they can keep through these contraptions. Some look like trees, and they capture the marine layer that comes in. These structures are able to capture and conserve the water and are able to catch it into different basins. That is one way to look at it. Also, to be able to capture stormwater. To be able to keep that, and to filter it back into the aquifers is something we already do here in California. We’ve been doing it for many many decades, but that is something that a lot of people don’t know.

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