Architecture Career Makes Amazing And Beautiful Impact

Architecture Careers Used To Fulfill A Passion

Architecture careers are best pursued by students who had a well-rounded education. Those are the type of people that we hire here at Development One and are best suited for this career.

Not only in academics but outside of the classroom. We try to see what it is that they did. What were their leadership skills? What was their exposure to the profession outside of the classroom? We interview graduates and sometimes their portfolio only has course work through their college. To us, that’s not enough. It says a lot about them. It shows if they were exposing themselves and trying to get experience. So, to us, it’s very important that they show us that they took it on themselves to develop well as a student. Inside and outside the classroom.

How You Can Make A Difference

A career as an architect is a demanding profession. It requires a lot of passion to get through school and licensure. It is very gratifying though. Some of the things that we get from this profession go beyond a paycheck. To me, it has added purpose to my life. What I have designed in this environment actually affects people outside of where I work. It affects their lives. And affects how they operate on a daily basis. Also, it helps them give a place where they can perform their daily activities whether it be work, or home or school. Finally, it is affecting their life likely in a positive way. That is my goal and my purpose to be able to affect these lives.

By the time this is all said and done, I’m hoping that I will have affected a lot of people through Development One. That is my personal goal and it should be the goal of everybody. If you are going to become an architect that is what you should look forward to, purpose. Anyone considering an architecture career should make sure they are passionate about it. Make sure that you can embrace the challenges, education, and training. Be able to become committed to the profession before you go into it. If you have that in your mind you will succeed and you will find a reward for that commitment. That is the first thing that I would tell anybody considering an architecture career.

Your Passion And Your Profession

Next, is that one thing that not everybody has been able to do. That is to be able to combine your passion with your profession. I know I’m using that word passion. But passion can mean many different things and used in many ways. I’m passionate about aviation and architecture. So, I’ve been able to marry those to be able to become a more complete architect and human being. Bring those passions together, your profession and your passion. Having the ability to design facilities that compliment both passions has been tremendous. It allows me to get up in the morning and feel excited about going to work.

Architecture career

Whatever your passion is it requires architecture to allow actives to take place. So if you like helping the elderly, you can design facilities for the elderly. If you want to help the needy, you can design hospitals. If you are passionate about automobiles, there are factories that build automobiles. You can design facilities for them. If social services are your thing, design fire stations. If you wanted to be a fireman, but your future did not allow it, design facilities for firefighters. These are some of the ways that you can blend your career with your passion. So it’s important to be able to take a look at that.

A Passion in Design

When I graduated, my Master thesis was to design an aviation terminal building. Of course, back then I was trying to figure things out. What I ended up figuring out, in the long run, was that my passion was in aviation. So I could design aviation facilities. So that is part of my skill set here at Development One. I am able to design facilities in the airspace and aviation industries.

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