Architecture Portfolio Insights That Will Get You Hired

Architecture Portfolio 101

Show up with an architecture portfolio. Let’s start there. And put some thought into it. If you’re going to be a designer, put some of your design work in there.

Keep it Honest

Don’t put construction documents in there that you didn’t create. Once, we had a gentleman show up with a set of construction documents. I looked at the drawings and my eyes gravitated to the flaws in the documents. I picked an example and I asked, “Can you show me that detail?” He couldn’t find it. Then he returned to the reference and found that it was wrong. The dimensions were also wrong. It was a disaster. After that question, I didn’t even say anything, he picked up his bags and he left.

3 Components of a Great Architecture Portfolio

Architecture Portfolio

  1. Pick the proper projects for the position you’re going after. If you want to be a designer, put design projects that show your abilities into your architecture portfolio.
  2. Include technical documents in your architecture portfolio which show that you have some experience. As architects, we need to be well versed in the profession. Not only design but also the technical aspect of it. We need to be able to blend those together. Demonstrate this in your architecture portfolio.
  3. Provide something that separates you from the next candidate. There might be something in there that nobody else is showing. Like your expertise in specifications. Or your expertise in modeling. Or your skill in meeting clients. Articles written about you are powerful.

Share something that separates you, and shows the real you. Give us a little history about who you are in your architecture portfolio. This that goes a long way.

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