Building Information Modeling is the Best Tool

Building Information Modeling Definition

Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.) means we create the building on a computer before construction.

The Power of B.I.M.

Building Information Modeling
We design every aspect of the building and how it comes together. In two dimensions and three dimensions, we can rotate it, look at it, and look inside it. We can show everything that brings the building together. This allows us to find the flaws in construction before construction begins. This is building information modeling.

The Right Clients

The people that ask for B.I.M. are the ones who have used it before. They see the value. They’re able to be able to see into the future to when construction is complete. They use the data to manage the building’s infrastructure down the road.

B.I.M. at Development One

We don’t have a markup or an extra charge for Building Information Modeling. It’s part of our standard services. It’s our responsibility to provide a product that is high quality. That is why we include B.I.M. We do not charge an extra markup to incorporate that skill set.

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