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How to Spot the Perfect Architecture Job Description

Architecture Job Description Basics

We work hard to craft a great architecture job description when we have an open position. In response, we’ve seen all kinds of portfolios. All kinds of resumes. And we’ve been in a tremendous amount of interviews. We’ve seen it all. Here’s what we recommend you look for in an architecture job description – as well as what you should provide.

The Cover Letter

Architecture Job DescriptionIn every architecture job description, we need a cover letter. For some reason, it’s rare for a candidate to submit a cover letter. You must understand, that’s our only way to get to know you. Other than that, you’re giving us the same credentials as everybody else. The exact same things.

There are good designers and there are good schools out there. But that doesn’t tell me who you are. We want to make sure that the candidate understands our core values from the get-go. From there we expect the candidate to be able to embrace those core values.

Get to Know the Company

You are coming into an environment where you want to succeed. You expect grooming so you can become a successful architect. To do this, you need to be able to determine a company’s business practices. It all starts with the architecture job description.

Fair Compensation

A good job description does not discuss salary right off the bat. They need to compensate you based on your qualities, what you bring to the table. They won’t have a good idea of this until they get to know you.

Great firms will make sure your compensation is fair and competitive. It does not need to be in the job description. They should focus on your ability, your talent, and what you bring to the firm. They need to analyze your potential for growth and for longevity within the firm. Look for an architecture job description that details what you can expect from the role. Stay away from the small, two-sentence job descriptions.

How to Be Impressive

What connects with us is when the employee has done research about our firm. See what other people are saying about us and learn and embrace our core values. That’s how we know you’ll be a great fit. That is what impresses us in an interview.

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