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Building Department Insider Expert Simple Breakthrough

Building Department Plan Check Realities

Building department processes are important to keep in mind. You are not only submitting the set of drawings for a plan check. You need to consider that you are dealing with a negotiation too.

The Art of Negotiation

We are there to negotiate a plan check review. It’s important for the plan checker to know what we are trying to achieve. So a good set of plans is important. Also, you need a way to persuade the building department to accept your plans. In other words, our end goal is getting a plan check for these drawings.

Be Prepared

Sometimes, the building department sees the drawings and their mind goes everywhere. You must communicate the intent properly. Your intentions may be to build one type of building. But then they might think that you’re trying to do something else. This could trigger other requirements.

Those other requirements will delay your plan check process. Also, the requirements may make it more expensive. And you may get requirements that you never had in mind to incorporate into that project. It’s important to negotiate this plan check carefully.

Comparing One Building Department to Another

Some departments are easier to work than others. For example, if they are busy they try to process approvals as fast as they can. And they will not make things as complex for you.

Building Department

Yet, if they aren’t too busy they look at your drawings with a fine-toothed comb. And they might bring requirements that you never knew even existed. It is important to consider this before submitting plans to a building department.

One Final Tip

Also, you must develop a relationship with a plan checker and the building official. A good relationship with the building department can speed up the plan check process.

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