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Contemporary Architecture Explained in a Simple Way

Contemporary Architecture and Modern Architecture

Contemporary architecture is like modern architecture. Architecture that is current for the time but not historic in nature. I like to take it further. Contemporary architecture is traditional architecture concepts interpreted in a modern way. That is what I like to do.

Learning from the Past

Most architects will agree that there’s a lot to learn from traditional architecture. Whether you like contemporary or traditional. I respect lessons learned in our profession from past examples of architecture. Historic architecture still has its place. Such as its beauty and its function in our society. The best thing we can do is improve on it by learning from the examples that left by their legacy.

Richard Meier

Quite a few architects that are good at a contemporary architecture. Richard Meier is contemporary and does exquisite work. He started off designing homes. Then, he used his design style across different styles of architecture.

Frank Gehry

Another well-known person in contemporary architecture today is Frank Gehry. Many people have seen his work. They may agree with it, they might disagree with it, but it has its place in architecture. Whether you like it or not. His work is art and a lot of people see it like that. His work is sculptural.

Contemporary Architecture

The Disney Opera House in Los Angeles is a good example of contemporary architecture. Also, you have the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. There is also the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington. So, he’s done a lot of pieces that are outside of the box. Not only are they hard to design, but they’re hard to build. They are nice pieces of architecture. Those are the best examples for people to understand what contemporary architecture is.

Examples in Southern California

There are many examples, especially in Southern California, of contemporary architecture. For example, the Getty Museum in Santa Monica. That’s a beautiful piece of contemporary architecture. Also, you can also see the Crystal Cathedral, now called the Christ Cathedral, in Garden Grove. Those are magnificent pieces of architecture. They’re examples of thinking outside the box and breaking all the rules. In them, you can see contemporary architecture in modern times.

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