Construction Administration Done Right is Money in the Bank

Construction Administration in Architecture

Construction administration is the process the architect participates in as the owner’s representative. The architect makes sure that the project is being built as designed. They also ensure that the intent is being carried out all the way through.

If the building develops contrary to the design, the architect needs to speak up. It is the architect’s responsibility to present the corrections to the client. Construction administration is representing the client so the contractor performs to expectations.

Construction administration is also:

  • Reviewing the pay requests,
  • Analyzing construction submittals,
  • Inspecting the contractor’s shop drawings,
  • Upholding the construction documents (blueprints) to assure specific data meets requirements.

Construction Administration

The Development One Difference

Construction administration at Development One is different from other firms. We focus on service and having our best personnel represent our client. Most architects at Development One have experience in construction as well as design. That skill set helps the client make decisions during the construction process. This is critical when dealing with the contractor.

Change Order Prevention

One of the trends that we have seen in the industry is contractors that make their money off of change orders. Our quality control systems focus on change order prevention. We protect the client against frivolous change orders and cost overruns.

This happens when the contractor looks for errors or omissions in the drawings. Then, they choreograph change orders that cost the client more money. During construction administration, we focus on change order prevention. That separates us from everybody else.

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