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What Architects Do – The Truth May Surprise You

What Architects Do

When considering what architects do, people think every architect is a designer.

The spectrum of what architects do is broad. Some focus on the design aspect while others develop the business side of the field. There are some of us who have been able to blend both architectural practices.

A Blend of Introvert and Extrovert

Characteristics of an introvert are helpful as a designer. Also, as a business owner and a person who deals with clients you need to be an extrovert. To be able to blend abilities as an introvert and extrovert are critical to what architects do. I enjoy the whole spectrum of architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright

My number one architect was Frank Lloyd Wright. I idolized the way he designed and his vision. A lot of people misunderstood Frank Lloyd Wright. They didn’t realize the vision he had for what a building should look like. He had a passion for architecture.

Richard Meier

Frank Lloyd Wright is going to be difficult to surpass. He’s an iconic example of what architects do. But, my favorite architect of today is Richard Meier. He designed The J. Paul Getty Museum. I always thought his designs were exquisite in a contemporary way. I’ve tried to emulate my design work after Richard Meyer. I take a lot of inspiration from the type of work he does.

What Architects Do - The Getty Museum

I’m a big fan of contemporary architecture. I also have a deep appreciation for the history and traditional type of architecture. When it comes what architects do there’s a lot to learn from that.

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