Architect Salary Tips to Make the Most Money

Architect Salary Basics

When it comes to an architect salary, there are a lot of guidelines available online. Everything from pay scales, to economic factors, and trends on salaries. The American Institute of Architects is a great place to start.

At Development One, we realize that money is a strong motivator for people. We also realize that people need to eat and survive and take care of their families.

How to Nail Your Interview

Architect Salary GoalsAn architect salary might go up or down based on the interview process. I recommend that every candidate tries to communicate beyond their existing skill set. It is important to prove what they can do that is not on their resume.

    • What is it that they contribute to the firm that is going to be different than a standard candidate?
    • Is there an experience that they bring in?
    • Do they have experience in cost estimating and specification development?

There are a lot of good designers out there and great draftsmen. Candidates with strong CAD and Revit skills come in all the time. You need to show you can do something that not everybody else can do. Focus on those things and communicate what separates you from everybody else. That is how you’re able to make more money and be of more value to the company.

Increasing Your Architect Salary

When it comes to raises, what we do here at Development One is a little bit different from what most firms do. We focus not on what we need, but instead on what the employee needs.

What do they need to keep them motivated here at Development One?

Their performance is going to depend on their motivation. Their motivation to grow as an architect. Motivation to have more opportunities. Of course, their motivation to make a better architect salary as well. We want the employee to tell us what those needs are – and we ask the question straight up.

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