Space Architecture and How to Plan for an Amazing Future

Space Architecture in 2019

Space architecture is something that most people are wondering: what it is going to look like? If we look, we’re in the infancy of space exploration. Even though with the Apollo missions, of course, we went to the moon. But a lot has been put on pause since those days. And people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are now taking their ventures into outer space.

Space for Everyone

The idea is to get the public out into outer space. When they get into outer space, what is going to be the need? Well, the need will be how to house these people out there. I envision orbiting hotels revolving around the world. Also, people will be able to dock with these hotels and spend a week seeing what outer space is like. They will look at the Cosmos and at the Earth from outer space.

That is what’s going to shape what this architecture is going to take. Also, people are going to expect the same amenities as on Earth. We know that outer space doesn’t quite lend itself to that. For example, weightlessness is a factor.

We must consider many things, such as how to:

  • Fix your food
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Deal with entertainment

Weightlessness in Space Architecture

Doing these activities while weightless is one consideration. That will lead the way on how we design architecture in outer space. Also, at DevelopmentOne we’ve had the opportunity of experiencing weightlessness through the ZERO-G company. We’ve done it quite a few times now. And it is amazing how when you’re levitating there that It’s not like water where you have traction. You need something to push your way through these facilities.

Space Architecture

And that is one of the things that we need to consider in being able to operate in weightlessness. Also, we need to consider these activities when we design the architecture in outer space. Here at DevelopmentOne, residential and housing is not our true line of work. Our line of work has to do with people and how they use facilities.

Full-Time Facilities

But in outer space, we’re going to have to consider the fact that our design work will use the facility 24/7. This is a house. Instead of being only a laboratory, it must house people 24/7. So we’re going to have to consider the needs of a human being as if it were their primary home in outer space.

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