SpaceX Knows How to Architect a Great Future

SpaceX and Elon Musk

SpaceX, like Virgin Galactic, the result of one of the true visionaries of our time. Elon Musk is a fascinating man. He is a man that thinks outside the box. Also, he’s always looking for new opportunities. And as many know, he runs more than one company. The most well-known ones are SpaceX and the automobile manufacturing company Tesla. He is not only manufacturing cars, but he is also helping the environment.

A Different Business Focus

SpaceX is not only focused on profits. They are also focusing on making a difference in this world. And that is what’s most fascinating about them. I got a chance to meet Elon Musk when he won the Howard Hughes Memorial Trophy. The Aero Club of Southern California awarded the trophy. Meeting him and having him tell us what his vision is for getting people to Mars was so natural and so automatic. That is how these visionaries think. They’ve got a solution for coming up with answers on how to achieve a goal. And he’s one of those few people that it comes to in a natural way.

Possibility Thinking

SpaceX doesn’t focus on the obstacles. They do not focus on the setbacks. They focus on the results, and that is what I find fascinating about an organization such as SpaceX. Organizations such as SpaceX started off with tight budgets. And they needed to make operations which were efficient and affordable. And it’s no secret that this happens with new ventures.


As organizations such as SpaceX grow, they need support with designing new facilities. The buildings have new technology needs. Also, they’re going to need more space for people. A well-designed, efficient building with the proper functions makes the difference. And then, as they develop, they will grow more and add other facilities with more functions.

How Development One Can Help SpaceX

The needs of SpaceX reflect the work we did for NASA. Their support facilities need careful consideration. They must be outright engineered with the proper infrastructure and technology. Also, they need to be able to support those facilities that will remain open 24/7. And that is where I see the opportunity lies with SpaceX.

Some of the projects that we’ve worked on that would be of interest to SpaceX are:

  • Mission-control facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Runways
  • Hangars

Even safety facilities like fire stations would be of interest to SpaceX. As they grow, they will need facilities that complement their operations.

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