Virgin Galactic Growth and Powerful Opportunities in Architecture

Virgin Galactic Vision

Virgin Galactic has one of the true visionaries of our time, Richard Branson. He is a person that sees the importance of connecting people on the ground with outer space. And he wants to develop a pipeline outside of the government that will get people into outer space. Then Virgin Galactic will develop technologies that will complement everybody here on Earth. One of these technologies has to do with architecture, how we work together here on Earth as well in outer space.

Virgin Galactic’s Path to Outer Space

There aren’t many companies in the public sector doing ventures to take people to outer space. And that is the most fascinating thing about this Virgin Galactic. They’re able to do it. They’ve taken on the challenge to think outside the box. They take people to outer space in a safe and cost-effective way. That is what’s fascinating about this Virgin Galactic company.

Our hopes are high on how we can work together with companies such as Virgin Galactic. For now, the focus is on the support facilities that are necessary for operations in space. Also, this is where we could intersect and be able to work together. Our experience as architects and aviators is a tremendous match. Moreover, it helps us understand the needs of operations such as VG, as was the case with NASA.

Unparalleled Experience

Today, we’ve worked with NASA for 18 years offering our services in the design of their facilities. Because we understand what it is that they need on the ground to support the facilities in outer space. That is how we will support Virgin Galactic as they grow. As they get bigger, as they have greater needs for their personnel, we’re here to help. Our expertise working for NASA compliments the needs of Virgin Galactic as it grows.

Virgin Galactic

On the Earth, we’ll have mission control facilities that we could design for Virgin Galactic. We can also have maintenance facilities. Support facilities contribute to the personnel on the ground managing spaceships, and operations that are occurring in orbit as well. Some of these could be orbiting hotels, or orbiting laboratories.

Support Facilities

These are facilities that need a ground crew to be able to maintain them and support Virgin Galactic from the Earth. That is what we do now for NASA. We design those facilities. Everything from hangers, laboratories, and mission control buildings, to support facilities. All these facilities that we design are critical in the support of the space station. In the past the space shuttle, for example. Also, future space operations which will occur. That is the kind of experience that we have right now. We could offer this to work together with Virgin Galactic.

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