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The Flying Doctors of Mercy

Earlier this month our firm principal J. Bruce Camino participated in a humanitarian mission with “The Flying Doctors of Mercy.” Known as “The Flying Architect,” J. Bruce donated his services as pilot and translator on this mission to provide medical services to remote parts of Mexico.

We’ll be posting more information on the trip later this month, but for now, here is a link to a Mexican news story about the importance of these humanitarian efforts:


Flight Path Walk of Fame, Sir Richard Branson

Congratulations to Richard Branson for being inducted into the Flight Path Walk of Fame at LAX – Los Angeles International Airport.

Like Elon Musk, Clay Lacy, the Wright Brothers, etc… Sir Richard Branson is a visionary in aviation that has inspired us to continually think outside the box and focus on the possibilities in design.

As different as it may seem, aviation and architecture have extensive similarities in their practice. From vision to quality control, many lessons in aviation have served us well at Development One in the design of our facilities.

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Howard Hughes Memorial Dinner – Women in Aviation

In honor of  International Womens Day, we’d like to share a couple of photos featuring a remarkable group of women, each of whom were given a seat of honor at Development One’s “Women In Aviation” table at the 2017 Howard Hughes Memorial Award ceremony. Those pictured include:

Kim Furst– Award winning film Producer/Director. Owner of Kilo Foxtrot Films. Aviation filmmaker including the Bob Hoover documentary “Flying the Feathered Edge”, One Six Right, and Wings Over the Rockies.

Denise Jennings– Aviatrix, pilot coordinator for the Flying Doctors of Mercy who transport doctors and medical supplies to remote areas in Mexico, marketing coordinator for Pacmin Studio, 99’s Women’s Air Corp member.

Julie Sims – Aviatrix, photographer, entrepreneur, model, and Board Member of the Aero Club of Southern California.
Dana Glidden Aviatrix, teacher and philanthropist, 99’s Women’s Air Corp member.

Patty Kinn – Flight Operations Manager at NASA Armstrong.

Renee Kock – Simmermon – Flight Attendant and adventurer.

Ramona Cox (The Sky Chick ‏) – Aviatrix, entrepreneur, adventurer, and aviation socialite. Board Member of the Aero Club of Southern California.

Jamie Tanabe (A Journey With Wings) – Commercial Pilot, Aerial Ash Scattering business owner, 99’s Women’s Air Corp member.

Lisa Camino – Aviation enthusiast, Social Worker, and J. Bruce Camino’s better half.

J. Bruce Camino (Host) -The Flying Architect, Aviator, Architect, adventurer, and entrepreneur. Board Member of the Aero Club of Southern California. EAA Airventure award winner.